Uhmmm. so..... yup. K. Bye.
Well Howdy dur. I am Monica Quilatan, and this is how i waste my time. Congrats to me!
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are we gonna say anything about the gagged bieber cutout or

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aurora is the queen bitch

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I majored in gif making.

More like majored in becoming a hot piece of ass

But you lost all your friends

and your eyesight 

not to mention your sweet bunkbed man what happened

I’m most concerned that you lost your Led Zeppelin shirt. What happened?

image blast from the past

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One week of Disney snapchats! Plus a double feature on the last day :)


Miss Lane wore her new dress to the Magic Kingdom today. I made it out of a vintage Little Mermaid bed sheet and the sleeves, bow, ruffle and starfish hair clip were made from an upcycled medical scrub top. Both were purchased from a thrift shop for less than five bucks.  I added some glitter and an oversized pearl to the starfish clip to bling it up a bit. ;) 

get to know me meme » 2/5 favorite movies:
Hercules [1997] - I trained all those would-be heroes. Odysseus, Perseus, Theseus. A lot of “yeuseus.” And every one of those bums let me down flatter than a discus. None of them could go the distance.

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something I heard a very serious looking business woman in a power suit talking on the phone say this morning on the train. (via anit0227)

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Maybe if Tom Hiddleston stopped rolling up his sleeves like a dirty whore we wouldn’t be having this Tumblr problem.


comic about how I’ve been feeling recently

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